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Gainjuice is a huge believer in the future of VR and how it will change the way people will interact, communicate, and work especially for the elderly and disabled. the biggest hurdle with the for the disabled is the fact that they can't afford a Headset due to government funding. That's why Gainjuice is setting up a charity wallet specifically for dontations to nonprofit organizations to supply headsets and accessories for the disabled so they can utilize this revolutionary technology and get the early advantage.


To supply funding to multiple non profit organizations all over the world using Gainjuice dedicated wallet to collect rangers protocol auto dividends.


Imagine the possibilities! For people who can’t move their body due to a physical handicap, the technology can open a whole new world of movement and vitality

also the opportunity to have some independence by learning, connecting and eventually working in this new virtual world filled with endless dreams.

disabled elderly phot.webp

Charity Donation Wallet Address

If you would like to donate to help create a bigger fund and help the disabled 

you can send any amount using erc20 or bep20 fantom network tokens to the address below

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